A letter from the chief designer of space power

We inform you that starting from 2011, vitamin drinks manufactured by Phitoproduct LLC have been successfully used in the cosmonauts’ nutrition on the ISS as part of additional sets of products that are formed according to the individual tastes of members of the Russian space crew.

After successful verification in the control tests during 15 months of storage (11.2012 – 02.2014) and on the basis of positive reviews of cosmonauts, vitamin drinks: “Forest Fairy Tale” in the range and “Northern Cherry” in the range included in the main part of the new 16-day food rations with industrial products for astronauts. Deliveries of this diet began in September 2014.

Thus, your company has become a supplier of products for the main part of the astronauts ration, which is constant and the same for all Russian crews.

We express our gratitude to you for high-quality, tasty and useful, especially for the conditions of space, domestic products.

Chief Designer of Space Power, Director: V. F. Dobrovolsky.